"Chevy BIG Block Factory Suffix Codes Guide Book"

"Chevy BIG Block Factory Suffix Codes Guide Book" Image

Chevy BIG Block - Suffix Codes - 1958 to 1999
Your comprehensive guide to over 40 years of BIG Block Codes stamped on the front deck tells you the <B>original car, year, CID, HP, transmission, option, intake,</B> and more. It has two sections sorted differently:

First section is sorted alphabetically BY CODE.
Second section is sorted BY CAR.
If you find a Block at a Junk Yard - look up the Suffix Code in the first section. If you are restoring a car without the original motor you can find out which Code it takes to make it 'CODE' correct.

Pocket Size (4in x 5in)
This is the low-down you're looking for on all those Chevy BIG Block engines. Know your stuff and get it right the first time. Knowledge is power- buying or selling! Take it with you to the swap meets. Its handy pocket-size makes it easy to take along whenever you're looking for or dealing in parts.

Covers ALL YEARS and ALL SIZES of Chevrolet BIG Block V8 Engines:
ALL YEARS that BIG blocks were made from the first year - 1965 to the last year - 1999. ALL SIZES from - 366 made for trucks, to the 427, to the 502 and all the other sizes in between.

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